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Astronaut Projector Galaxy Starry Sky Night Light

Astronaut Projector Galaxy Starry Sky Night Light

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Transform Your Space with the Astronaut Projector Galaxy Starry Sky Night Light

Embark on a celestial journey with our Astronaut Projector, a mesmerizing blend of nebula effects and starlight that turns any room into a starry wonderland.

Astronaut Nebula Star Projector: Immerse yourself in the beauty of 8 unique nebula effects complemented by flashing starlights. Choose from a total of 17 modes, allowing you to enjoy the nebula and laser starlight individually or in combination. Create a magical and cozy starry sky atmosphere right in your own space.

Remote Control and Timer: Take control with the convenience of a remote. Adjust patterns, brightness, and rotation speed to customize your desired projection effect. Use star and nebula patterns simultaneously or separately. Set the timer for 45 or 90 minutes, ensuring the LED star night light projector automatically turns off, creating a tranquil ambiance as you fall asleep under the starry sky.

Projection Angle Adjustable: Designed in the likeness of an astronaut, the projector allows easy adjustment of the nebula projection angle. The astronaut's head is magnetically connected to the body, and the removable moon base and poseable arm add a decorative touch to your space. It's not just a galaxy star projector; it's also a stylish ornament.

Suitable for Many Occasions: Enhance bedrooms, game rooms, home theaters, and living rooms with the starlight ceiling constellation projector. Perfect for date nights, game setups, movie nights, or as a comforting night light for kids.

An Amazing Gift for Kids & Adults: Looking for an ideal gift? The astronaut galaxy light is perfect for holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays, and more. Whether you're a star-loving kid or an adult seeking relaxation, who wouldn't want to fall asleep under a starry sky?

Item Specifications:

  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Control Mode: Remote Control
  • Remote Control Distance: 50 Feet
  • Speed: Adjustable 5 Speed
  • Brightness: Adjustable 5 Settings
  • Color Mode: LED RGB, Supporting Solid Color, Bi-Color, & Tri-Color Lighting Effects
  • Sleep Mode: Timing Function 45 Minutes - 90 Minutes
  • Base: Novel Lunar Base & Movable Arm
  • Power: Charging Cable Included
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